Big dreaming’, tiny livin’ {4}

I’ve been a tiny house dweller for almost two weeks now! Time is flying!

It has been so fun unpacking, getting settled and figuring out how to make the space functional and comfortable. It actually already feels like home! There will be a home tour coming v, v soon!

Considering I have settled pretty quickly, I’ve already figured out which aspects of tiny living are my favorite which aspects well… aren’t.


  1. Lots of cleaning. If one thing is out of place or messed up, it stands out drastically. I’m constantly tidying up or sweeping (Have I ever mentioned that I hate tiled floors?)
  2. Overstimulation. Maybe this is because of my inner OCD,but having all of my belongings out in the open causes my brain to go one million miles an hour all of the time. I see my bed and think “relax” but also see my workout gear and think “get moving” but also see my school work and think “I should be writing” but also see my cooking supplies and think “lets create a new recipe”.. I imagine this will fade with time though.
  3. The bathroom. This may be particular to my house, but this room truly tests my patience. IT IS SO SMALL! I didn’t realize how much I liked to leisurely shower, roam while getting ready and just hangout in my bathroom.. Until my bathroom became too small for two people to even fit in!


  1. Developing cleanlier habits. Like I said, if anything is out of place or messed up, it stands out. Rather than waiting for my whole house to be trashed then spending one day cleaning it from top to bottom, I put things back where they belong when I’m done with them and clean up after myself when transitioning from one activity to another. My mom would be proud.
  2. Admiring my belongings. In this post I explained that downsizing all of my possessions has helped me to see which items I have for a reason, and which items I have “just because.” Mostly all of my belongings serve a purpose, and having them out in the open helps me to admire them more. The pictures of Matt and I don’t get overlooked as often, I appreciate my couch and the stools in my kitchen more, I peer over every item of clothing and every pair of shoes I own, rather than overlooking them. Seeing these items not as cluttered or surrounded by other unnecessary items helps to remind me that my home is made up of items that I have worked for, made or been given by loved ones.
  3. Intimate fellowship. The tiny house is perfect for entertaining! I’ve had at least one person over every day since moving in, and I love it. There is enough room for people to have their own space to sit and relax, but the close quarters make people interact so much more. The small space requiring people to talk and connect more has also helped me weed out which friends I WANT to be that close with.
  4. It’s not a house, it’s a home. Yaknow how they say home is a feeling, not a place? Well, the tiny house feels like home. It’s full of the things I love, it’s full of the people I love, and it’s already full of lovely memories and ideas. I’m so grateful that when I walk through the doors of the tiny house, it radiates laughter, comfort and belonging.

How do you make your house feel like a home?

Is there one room in your house/apartment that you often avoid?

Simply, Sum!


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