Life of a seeking intern: feeling burntout?

The last few months have been filled with searching for internships.

AKA the last few months have been filled with finding companies that promote growth, community and innovative thinking. Companies that don’t think the “creative ones” aren’t useful because they don’t succeed at math. Companies that work for the good. Companies that treat every person that is an internal and external member as someone who possess strengths, that are worth recognizing.

Am I being picky? Ofcourse. These are the companies I idolize. The people that are going to be molding me into a professional, teaching me how to thrive in a cut-throat industry. I want them to care about me, just as much as I care about their brand.
(Hi hiring manager. See, I love you)

I’m sure most of you can relate. But, there are a few tricks that have helped me to refresh, find the energy to open up another Word document and spill my heart into ANOTHER cover letter. Hope these suggestions help you get out of that slump!

  • Disconnect! Turn off your computer, close out of your social media apps, put your phone on silent, turn off the TV. Staring at a computer, phone or TV is draining, especially when you’re searching for something. Give your mind, and eyes, a break.
  • Go outside! Lace up some tennis shoes and head outside (no electronic devices allowed). Whether it be for a short run, a long walk or a park play date with your pup. Let yourself get some fresh air and soak up a bit of vitamin D. Also get those endorphin’s pumping!
  • Create a schedule! I highly doubt applying for internships  is the only thing you’re doing with your time. For me, I have to fit this into my assignments for my classes, blog and full-time job. Rather than working on my applications when they come to mind (all the time), I have a schedule of the times and days I allow myself to work on them. Right now my schedule is Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:30AM -12:30PM and any afternoon from 7:00PM-8:00PM. This schedule helps me to get my applications together in a timely manner, rather than dragging out the creating process, as well!
  • Remind yourself of your worth! It’s hard exposing yourself to total strangers and hoping they find you appealing. Especially when you’re in the position of having your strengths, education and personality judged. But don’t let the lack of responses, or even rejections, make you forget your worth. God has already equipped you with the skills and passion that are going to put you where you need to be. If what you bring to the table isn’t a good match for a certain organization or company, you’re not meant to be there anyways.


Whats your favorite way to disconnect and veg out?

Are you currently seeking an internship? How’s that going?

Simply, Sum


Positive drug test from hemp hearts?

Funny story: I used to eat yogurt with Nature’s Path Hemp Plus Granola every single morning (dont worry…not the funny part). One morning as I was munching away, I was casually looking at the box of granola.. when I realized that there’s a giant marijuana leaf right on the front of the box. My eyes got as big as baseballs, my heart instantly started pounding and I started frantically saying,

“Wait.. Marijuana leaf.. Hemp…. Oh. OH.. OHHH! WHAT?!”
“I thought weed was illegal! How can they sell this in stores?”
“Am I high right now?”
“I eat this everyday, at work, I’m so screwed! I’m going to get fired from my job!”
“If I were to randomly get drug tested, how am I supposed to explain that weed was in my granola.. and I didn’t know?!”
“I’m never shopping at Trader Joe’s again”
“Screw the food industry! Always lying and misleading people with their labels!”

I whipped out my laptop as fast as I could and began researching how the HECK they could sell granola with marijuana in it!

Lucky for me, I found out that hemp hearts and marijuana are not the same thing, although they are both a cannabis plant *sigh of relief*

So.. What are hemp hearts then? 

  • Hemp hearts are a superfood seed that are jam packed with nutritional value
  • One serving of hemp hearts offers 10g of protein, 10g of omega fatty acids and 2.5g of fiber
  • Hemp hearts are a complete plant-based protein, with only ONE SIMPLE ingredient (y’all know I love that)
  • Hemp hearts aid in digestion, weight loss, energy and cancer prevention
  • Hemp hearts are hypoallergenic

Considering I eat strictly plant based, any opportunity to eat more protein is a plus. I also love being able to add even MORE nutritional value to the foods I eat.

Hemp hearts are also extremely versatile, making it easy to add “good for you” components to every and any meal. I throw a handful of hemp hearts into my smoothies, cereal, sweet potatoes, cauliflower mash… pretty much in anything!

Who could say no to effortlessly adding more nutrients into their meals?!

What’s your favorite way to incorporate hemp hearts into your diet?

Simply, Sum



When in doubt, wear red?

You know what I think is powerful? The color red.

Red screams, “Here I am! Look at me! I’m not afraid!”


However, there are no red pieces of clothing in my closet, only one unworn red sports bra in my dresser and now, one bottle of red nail polish in my makeup bag.

I’ve never worn the color red because I’ve always thought it was too powerful, stood out too much, was too assertive and just too confident. For me.

I guess you could say I’m a bit afraid of red. Afraid to seem confident, afraid to stand out, afraid to be noticed more than I’m used to, afraid to step out of my comfort zone.

Well. Monday, I ran to Walgreens and stumbled upon an Essie nail polish for $2.12! What color was it? Red. I argued with myself on whether or not to get it for about 10 minutes.

“Will I really wear this? Red is so not me. Red is just too loud.. But sales like this never happen.. And why isn’t red me? Why cant I be loud?” Needless to say, I left with the nail polish and promptly painted my nails with it as soon as I got home, before I changed my mind.

I’m not sure what happened, but there’s magic in red nail polish. Let me tell ya.

The first day of red nails, I got three compliments on my nails, was greeted about 15 times more than usual and was told “Red nails? Work it girl”… by a gentleman.

I smiled a bit more. I felt more confident. I embraced being recognized. I didn’t make excuses for picking red nails. I just worked it.

These red nails are so symbolic for my current 21-year-old life, as I apply for internships, jobs I’m probably not qualified enough for, consider moving out of the town I’ve called “home” the last three years and just all of the changes taking place to turn this life into MY life.

It’s never too early to take control of your life. It’s never too early to go after your dreams or demand what you deserve. It’s always the right time to embrace who you are. It’s always the right time to realize your worth and what you deserve.

So, here’s to red. May us ladies (and gents) be as bright, confident and meritorious as you, red.


Are there any colors you don’t wear, because they arent “you”?

What do you think about a color impacting your mood? True/false? 

Simply, Sum.

Dear water, you’re boring.

Sorry not sorry.

It has been about a year and a half since I traded in a can of soda for a bottle of water as my drink of choice. However, I found out really fast that drinking strictly water gets really boring.

Considering our bodies are made up of roughly 60% water, it’s important to balance our water intake with our water loss. So.. Drinking water is important, though it may be boring.

Another important factor for maintaining our health is making choices that are sustainable. To make these healthy choices easier, they should be fun and enjoyable!

Water, you aren’t always fun and enjoyable. However, there are a few water-based beverages, with SIMPLE ingredient lists, that I incorporate into my consumption of fluids to make staying hydrated not so boring!

LaCroix Sparkling Water: I keep my fridge at home and work stocked with these bad boys. LaCroix (pronounced la-croy) is just carbonated water that is infused with natural oils of whatever flavor you purchase. My favorites include coconut, lemon and cerise limon (lemon lime). They come in cans that are unfortunately lined with BPA, but they’re so yummy I’m willing to risk it once or twice a day.

Vita Coco Coconut Water with Pineapple: A recently added staple in my fridge! The ingredients list is short and sweet: Coconut Water, Pineapple Puree, Coconut Puree, Vitamin C. I’m not a fan of plain coconut water, but the added hint of pineapple makes for an amazing combination! One 500ml bottle has two servings, so it lasts about two days for me.

Trader Joe’s Coconut Green Tea:  This loose-leaf tea is so yummy! It is a green tea base with bits of coconut, ginger and lemongrass. I usually brew a cup, stick it in the freezer for 15 minutes, add ice then drink it down.

Water with lemon juice: I keep fresh lemons on hand so I can cut one up and squeeze it into a glass of water when desired. Simple, refreshing and a nice differentiation from plain water.

Smoothies: I usually have smoothies for breakfast that have a base of almond or cashew milk and water. Hidden water + greens! Win win!


Do you think water gets boring sometimes?

What’s your favorite water-based beverage?

Simply, Sum.

Friday I’m in love..


Coconut oil! Not for your traditional cooking uses either, but as a face/hair moisturizer, toothpaste AND even for Bowden!Coconut

Chia Pudding! Since cutting out dairy, my heart has been yearning for yogurt. A few weeks ago, Jen DeCurtins‘ brought chia pudding to my attention and it is the perfect alternative! So light and refreshing.


 My new gym bag! I finally purchased a gym bag after months of looking. Although it will probably never step foot in the gym, it keeps all of my “fitness goodies” organized. It’s big enough to hold my hydration backpack and yoga mat, as well as small accessories like my flip belt, running watches, Gu’s, etc., with tons of leftover room!

Growing up! There are so many changes going on within me; mentally, emotionally and independently. I’m using this time of personal conditioning to build up myself as an individual. It’s rejuvenating when you realize you can be different, you can be your own person, you can have your own beliefs. You don’t have to be your parents daughter or your sisters sister, you can be contradistinctive, and that is totally okay.

Simply, Summer.

The presents of presence.

With the advancement of technology comes the comfort of being able to send a sweet text via iMessage, feel connected through Twitter and give prominence to our everyday, ordinary life through Instagram.

Dont get me wrong, social media and technology are wondrous advancements I couldn’t live without. Taking fully online classes, being in a long distance relationship, having a desk job. Technology pretty much runs my life. But through all of that, I’ve been making more of an effort to be present.

To name a few of these time-honored presents I’ve received through this presence, without getting too sappy:

  • Laughter. Matt and I played charades. It was so fun watching each other be silly and genuinely enjoying that moment together.
  • Adventure. We also explored Downtown. There wasn’t much open on a Sunday afternoon, but we now have a list of places to go on a more practical day.


  • Affection. Rather than picking up my phone when I’m bored after work, I’ve been making it a point to really play with Bowden. Tug of war, hide and seek, extra long walks (while wearing layers because well.. its cold). An effect of that extra attention has been SNUGGLES! He’s been so affectionate and seems thankful for my awareness. He has also been extra sleepy!


I’ve had so much on my heart and mind lately, so much that it’s hard to find words that can wrap up these feelings and thoughts. So, this is me keeping it simple.

Simply, Summer.