Big dreamin’, tiny livin’ {2}

As I announced in my last post, I’m moving into a teeny tiny house!

As soon as I saw it on the market for rent, I knew I wanted it. But I also knew that meant downsizing from a nice sized, 660 sqft one bedroom apartment to a 400 sqft one bedroom house.

Considering I’m already pretty minimalist, consolidating my belongings to fit hasn’t been too difficult. I’ve had to get rid of most of my larger furniture, as expected. I sold my dining room set, papasan chair and random storage bins on a nifty Facebook online yardsale group.

However, what I wasn’t expecting was how many random items I have in my apartment that truly don’t serve a purpose for me and definitely wont be useful in the tiny house.

As I’ve been searching through my things and deciding what items I should keep and what items should be sold or donated, I’ve asked myself three things to make the decision easier:

  1. Have I looked at this, admired this or used it within the last two months?
  2. If I didn’t have this, would it impact my daily life?
  3. If given to the right person, would this positively influence their life more than it is mine, currently?

It hasn’t been easy getting rid of all the small things. But these questions have truly helped me put into perspective what possessions I have that are just “stuff” and what possessions I have that are truly useful. I don’t want to (literally) carry around extra baggage of just “stuff.”

Most of the items that I’ve decided to part with, I’ve sold online or to friends.

But conveniently, a family friend of mine is moving into her first apartment soon, so I’ve been giving her the items I think would help her get settled into her new home, too!

I’m still holding onto a few of my smaller items, like coffee cups. Do you know how hard it is to get rid of a cute coffee cup, even if the inside is lined in dust? But lets be real.. I don’t need 8 coffee mugs.

Do you tend to hoard items or get rid of things as they lose their usefulness?

Have you ever had to downsize your belongings for a move?

Simply, Sum.




Big dreamin’, tiny livin’ {1}

Literally. A 400 sqft shed-turned-apartment. With 6’7″ ceilings.


The creative wheels of my brain are spinning and I cannot wait to see what big things I can do to this tiny space.

FUN FACT: Before I settled on majoring in Communications, I applied for every interior design program in Florida. I did hear back from the Department of Interior Architecture and Design at FSU, but I couldn’t fit the class schedule into working full time as well.

Although I don’t have too many belongings, it is going to be something to consolidate my whole apartment, depart with quite a few of my possessions and prepare to be a tiny house tenant.

I’m going to be documenting this whole transition and how I spruce up the tiny house with you all! I’m so excited! Stay tuned!

Simply, Sum!





Grow without being planted.

A few months ago, I received news that one of my good friends from high school was murdered.

A good friend that I hadn’t spoken to since I packed up and moved to Tallahassee. A good friend that was my first homecoming date when I was 14, gave me embraceable hugs that I can still feel to this day and was the definition of “genuine.”

It hit me so hard. Mainly because he’s not the only person or significant position that I left behind to chase my dreams. Dreams of independence, growth, education and opportunity. Dreams that have turned into achievements while in Tallahassee.

Now that I have achieved all of these dreams, Tallahassee has turned into a place that’s also supplied me with a hefty serving of loneliness, a lack of purpose and the urge to go to bed at 7PM because I simply have nothing else to do. If I’m not with my sister, nieces or friends friend, I literally stare at the wall and think about how useless my presence is.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Tallahassee. Moving here, or anywhere away from home, was absolutely necessary for me to grow. Which I have done, and want to continue to do every day for the rest of my life. But I’ve lost the desire to thrive here, I don’t feel as if I can continue to grow, which degrades the gift of life that God has given me.

When I first realized I was falling out of love with Tallahassee, I kept hush-hushing the thoughts of moving somewhere else because the opportunities I have here are simply amazing. A job that pays great, an internship that could blast off my future career. But then I reminded myself that opportunities are everywhere, because they aren’t given to you, they are worked for. And if I continue to just focus on the opportunities Tallahassee has given me, when I leave the office at the end of the day, I’m still not going to have anyone to share these triumphs with.

As you can guess, I’ve been working pretty diligently to create my own opportunities outside of Tallahassee and praying that this crazy idea to relocate would slip through the cracks of my fingers if it wasn’t Gods will. But as of July 31, 2016, I will be turning in the keys to my little Tallahassee apartment to pursue growth, opportunity and love in Lakeland, Florida, for the next 10 months or so.

Here’s to a new beginning, in a not-so-new place. Here’s to creating my own opportunities. Here’s to continuing to grow, without being planted in one place.Here’s to creating a life of fulfillment. Here’s to making use of the strengths God has given me.

Here’s to you, Tyler Macklin.

Simply, Sum.

My Favorite Tally Eats + Hangs!

Growing up, Tallahassee was the place to be. From ages 8 to 13, I spent every summer in Tallahassee with my sister and her little family. I always knew that as soon as I got the chance, I’d be packing up my bags to start a life there.

A month after graduating high school, that’s exactly what I did.

One apartment, two jobs, three years and too many memories to count, Tallahassee has been the most prominent component in helping me find out who I am, what I love and what my purpose in the world is.

All of these little pieces of me that have come together have taken place at local coffee shops, restaurants and parks. If you find yourself in the area, I definitely suggest giving these places a try!


Sweet Pea Cafe: Definitely #1 on my “Best of Tallahassee” list. This cozy, locally owned, organic restaurant has an all vegan menu! Whether you’re sitting indoors or outside, when you look around you’ll see a diverse group of people. College students, middle aged businesses men/women, older adults and even pups all love this place! I recommend their Falawesome with sweet potato fries. Yummmmm!


Bagel Market & Bistro: Another restaurant that I love so dearly! I frequently have them cater lunch at the law firm I work at, or swing by for a bagel and coffee on the weekends. My favorite part of the whole bistro is the book stand by the front entrance, full of magazines and books to browse over while you wait for your order or sit down to sip you coffee. My recommendation: Veggie Melt or a blueberry muffin! My bosses recommendation: the Southern Parfait!

The Bada Bean: My boyfriends all time favorite! We haven’t been here in quite some time because it’s pretty far from my apartment, but it’s honestly worth the drive. I suggest going early because it seems every other person in Tallahassee agrees it’s the place to be on the weekends for breakfast! My boyfriend gets the cinnamon roll pancakes every time, but I suggest the Skinny Dom!

Canopy Road Cafe: This place hits close to home for me. In my hometown, my parents and I went to the Eagle Lake Diner every single Saturday, Canopy Road gives me the same feeling as the Diner. The atmosphere is cozy, service is always amazing and the food is to DIE for! This was also the first restaurant that Bowden experienced as a weeee little puppy. My favorite is their Breakfast Quesadilla or the Vegan Breakfast Skillet. My sister raves about their Fat Elvis pancakes!

There are many, many other restaurants/cafes I adore, including: Red Eye Coffee, Uptown Cafe, Northside Pies, Cooshs, Food Glorious Food, Bella Bella, Midtown Caboose, MoMo’s Pizza, Hopkins Eatery.


Winthrop Park: I’m honestly not sure how I stumbled across this park, but I’m so glad I did. It has tennis courts, little league baseball fields, a playground and a few fields of just open space. During the school year, it’s usually full of little league baseball teams, soccer games and (I think) even flag football. Matt utilized their batting cages, while B and I utilized the large open fields that are past the tennis courts to run around. This is a hidden treasure, for sure.


Maclay Gardens: Probably the most popular or well-known park in Tallahassee. There’s a small entrance fee to get in, but there’s so much to do! There’s a lake where you can go for a swim, kayak or canoe, a garden that you can leisurely walk through or utilize for cute pictures (no pets in this section though, boo) and a trail that takes you through the woods!

Tom Brown Park: The park of all parks, the motherload of things to do outside! Tom Brown has baseball fields, football fields, tennis courts, racquet ball courts, soccer fields, dirt bike hills, hiking trails, a playground, Frisbee golf, a lake, plenty of empty open fields, and my favorite, the dog park. You can find B and I here every Sunday playing with the other Tally pups!

Tallahassee Museum: People of all ages will love the Tallahassee Museum! It is definitely not your typical museum, having most of it as an outside setting and animals at every corner! I’m not sure who loves this place more, my nieces or myself. There are animals, exhibits, a playground, a small cafe and even a zip line course!

St. George Island: Believe it or not, about an hour and a half out of Tallahassee, you can access my all time favorite beach. St. George Island is a secluded beach that offers miles of white sand and (as the website explains) “uncongested natural beauty.” I think there’s only one beach shop, maybe two restaurants and  one gas station. It’s a small little town, but it sure is a gem.

Although these are my favorite places to go in Tallahassee, there are also MANY other attractions, including: Cascades Park, Lake Ella, Tekesta Park, Miccosukee Greenway, Alligator Point, and St. Marks Wildlife Refuge.

Are there more local restaurants or chain restaurants in your current town?

Are you a “regular” at any places in your town?

Simply, Sum

Life of a seeking intern: feeling burntout?

The last few months have been filled with searching for internships.

AKA the last few months have been filled with finding companies that promote growth, community and innovative thinking. Companies that don’t think the “creative ones” aren’t useful because they don’t succeed at math. Companies that work for the good. Companies that treat every person that is an internal and external member as someone who possess strengths, that are worth recognizing.

Am I being picky? Ofcourse. These are the companies I idolize. The people that are going to be molding me into a professional, teaching me how to thrive in a cut-throat industry. I want them to care about me, just as much as I care about their brand.
(Hi hiring manager. See, I love you)

I’m sure most of you can relate. But, there are a few tricks that have helped me to refresh, find the energy to open up another Word document and spill my heart into ANOTHER cover letter. Hope these suggestions help you get out of that slump!

  • Disconnect! Turn off your computer, close out of your social media apps, put your phone on silent, turn off the TV. Staring at a computer, phone or TV is draining, especially when you’re searching for something. Give your mind, and eyes, a break.
  • Go outside! Lace up some tennis shoes and head outside (no electronic devices allowed). Whether it be for a short run, a long walk or a park play date with your pup. Let yourself get some fresh air and soak up a bit of vitamin D. Also get those endorphin’s pumping!
  • Create a schedule! I highly doubt applying for internships  is the only thing you’re doing with your time. For me, I have to fit this into my assignments for my classes, blog and full-time job. Rather than working on my applications when they come to mind (all the time), I have a schedule of the times and days I allow myself to work on them. Right now my schedule is Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:30AM -12:30PM and any afternoon from 7:00PM-8:00PM. This schedule helps me to get my applications together in a timely manner, rather than dragging out the creating process, as well!
  • Remind yourself of your worth! It’s hard exposing yourself to total strangers and hoping they find you appealing. Especially when you’re in the position of having your strengths, education and personality judged. But don’t let the lack of responses, or even rejections, make you forget your worth. God has already equipped you with the skills and passion that are going to put you where you need to be. If what you bring to the table isn’t a good match for a certain organization or company, you’re not meant to be there anyways.


Whats your favorite way to disconnect and veg out?

Are you currently seeking an internship? How’s that going?

Simply, Sum

HEALTHY brownies?! {recipe}

Have you ever done something and literally said out loud, “I’m about to change the world”?
Er.. well, me either..


Until the night that I put together this super yummy, simple and HEALTHY brownie recipe!

I should have named these “melt-in-your-mouth, lick-off-the-spoon, lick-the-plate, can-I-bathe-in-this gooey brownies,” but what I do in the kitchen after dark is totally my own biz.


4 pitted dates
1/2 teaspoon cacao powder
1/4 teaspoon water (or just a teeeny tiny bit)
food processor

Place pitted dates, cacao powder & very tiny bit of water in food processor of choice
Process for about 5 seconds, or until dates are broken down & mixed well with cacao powder (this does not take long at all. Plus, a few chunks of dates will help hold it together)
Pour the mixture directly into your mouth
Scrape mixture onto plate and form into square
Optional: Add toppings! i.e., coconut flakes, nut butter

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

What’s your favorite sweet treat?

Have you ever put together random ingredients and discovered it was an amazing combo?

Simply, Sum


HIIT from the Glory Days {workout}

My favorite memories and closest friends from growing up are all due to cheerleading.


Yup. Cheerleading. I was a little league cheerleader, then high school cheerleader, then high school varsity cheerleading captain. Those were the days!


I always stayed in shape from the jumping, running and physical activity that it demanded, but it was so fun that I never even realized it.

I decided to dig back into my cheerleading ways and use some of the common moves to put together a quick HIIT (high intensity interval training). Give it a try & let me know what you think!