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Change > Regret {Life Lately}

Hi everyone! So much has happened since the last time I posted. Some changes were more expected than others.

Super expected & planned for: I packed up my Tallahassee home and moved into my tiny house on Wednesday! The whole process was very fast paced. Matt and I packed up my third floor apartment and loaded it into a Uhaul all by ourselves. Talk about an intense workout! We drove the four hour route to my new apartment and unpacked all within the same day.image1

Kinda expected: I haven’t wanted to really workout at all since the move. I had to run about a mile and half home from dropping off the Uhaul, but other than that I’ve been more drawn to leisurely walks. My body has been so worn and sore. I’m letting myself rest as much as I need, for now, but I’m also excited to get back into a workout routine.

Kinda expected: Between not wanting to buy groceries before the big move and going to farewell dinners with all of my Tallahassee friends and co-workers, I’ve been eating out more frequently than usual. I’ve wanted to just enjoy my time with the people around me, so I haven’t been beating myself up over it. I’ve been trying to make”wiser” choices while eating out though, still avoiding buttery and fried foods.image3

Not at all expected: My mental and emotional stability have been, well, not stable. I’ve been emotional and really disconnected. Although I knew I’d be emotional moving away from my nieces, this type of emotion has been deep, dark and consuming. After taking some time for myself, I realized that one underlying condition for why I’ve felt so anxious and confused is because of my eating. Telling myself no; telling myself “You can’t have that or this or this”; eating around people and feeling restricted; feeling the urge to eat out rather than cook because cooking isn’t fun anymore.. It’s been hard. Cooking and making healthy eating an enjoyable habit has been a huge part of me for so long, but it has recently turned into a chore. So, I’ve been eating more intuitively. AKA eating turkey sandwiches and wasabi ranch seasoned pea crisps, because telling myself these things are “bad” have made me want them even more. But, this will be a whole separate post, another day.image2

With so much going on, it has been so important for me to focus on myself and what feels right. Rest, fellowship and an at-ease mind have trumped spreading myself too thin, feeling lonely in a group of people and judging myself for not being able to label myself anything other than “human.”

Have you ever experienced a series of big life changes in a short amount of time?

Do you tend to beat yourself up when you get “off track” your normal routine?

Simply, Sum


My Favorite Tally Eats + Hangs!

Growing up, Tallahassee was the place to be. From ages 8 to 13, I spent every summer in Tallahassee with my sister and her little family. I always knew that as soon as I got the chance, I’d be packing up my bags to start a life there.

A month after graduating high school, that’s exactly what I did.

One apartment, two jobs, three years and too many memories to count, Tallahassee has been the most prominent component in helping me find out who I am, what I love and what my purpose in the world is.

All of these little pieces of me that have come together have taken place at local coffee shops, restaurants and parks. If you find yourself in the area, I definitely suggest giving these places a try!


Sweet Pea Cafe: Definitely #1 on my “Best of Tallahassee” list. This cozy, locally owned, organic restaurant has an all vegan menu! Whether you’re sitting indoors or outside, when you look around you’ll see a diverse group of people. College students, middle aged businesses men/women, older adults and even pups all love this place! I recommend their Falawesome with sweet potato fries. Yummmmm!


Bagel Market & Bistro: Another restaurant that I love so dearly! I frequently have them cater lunch at the law firm I work at, or swing by for a bagel and coffee on the weekends. My favorite part of the whole bistro is the book stand by the front entrance, full of magazines and books to browse over while you wait for your order or sit down to sip you coffee. My recommendation: Veggie Melt or a blueberry muffin! My bosses recommendation: the Southern Parfait!

The Bada Bean: My boyfriends all time favorite! We haven’t been here in quite some time because it’s pretty far from my apartment, but it’s honestly worth the drive. I suggest going early because it seems every other person in Tallahassee agrees it’s the place to be on the weekends for breakfast! My boyfriend gets the cinnamon roll pancakes every time, but I suggest the Skinny Dom!

Canopy Road Cafe: This place hits close to home for me. In my hometown, my parents and I went to the Eagle Lake Diner every single Saturday, Canopy Road gives me the same feeling as the Diner. The atmosphere is cozy, service is always amazing and the food is to DIE for! This was also the first restaurant that Bowden experienced as a weeee little puppy. My favorite is their Breakfast Quesadilla or the Vegan Breakfast Skillet. My sister raves about their Fat Elvis pancakes!

There are many, many other restaurants/cafes I adore, including: Red Eye Coffee, Uptown Cafe, Northside Pies, Cooshs, Food Glorious Food, Bella Bella, Midtown Caboose, MoMo’s Pizza, Hopkins Eatery.


Winthrop Park: I’m honestly not sure how I stumbled across this park, but I’m so glad I did. It has tennis courts, little league baseball fields, a playground and a few fields of just open space. During the school year, it’s usually full of little league baseball teams, soccer games and (I think) even flag football. Matt utilized their batting cages, while B and I utilized the large open fields that are past the tennis courts to run around. This is a hidden treasure, for sure.


Maclay Gardens: Probably the most popular or well-known park in Tallahassee. There’s a small entrance fee to get in, but there’s so much to do! There’s a lake where you can go for a swim, kayak or canoe, a garden that you can leisurely walk through or utilize for cute pictures (no pets in this section though, boo) and a trail that takes you through the woods!

Tom Brown Park: The park of all parks, the motherload of things to do outside! Tom Brown has baseball fields, football fields, tennis courts, racquet ball courts, soccer fields, dirt bike hills, hiking trails, a playground, Frisbee golf, a lake, plenty of empty open fields, and my favorite, the dog park. You can find B and I here every Sunday playing with the other Tally pups!

Tallahassee Museum: People of all ages will love the Tallahassee Museum! It is definitely not your typical museum, having most of it as an outside setting and animals at every corner! I’m not sure who loves this place more, my nieces or myself. There are animals, exhibits, a playground, a small cafe and even a zip line course!

St. George Island: Believe it or not, about an hour and a half out of Tallahassee, you can access my all time favorite beach. St. George Island is a secluded beach that offers miles of white sand and (as the website explains) “uncongested natural beauty.” I think there’s only one beach shop, maybe two restaurants and  one gas station. It’s a small little town, but it sure is a gem.

Although these are my favorite places to go in Tallahassee, there are also MANY other attractions, including: Cascades Park, Lake Ella, Tekesta Park, Miccosukee Greenway, Alligator Point, and St. Marks Wildlife Refuge.

Are there more local restaurants or chain restaurants in your current town?

Are you a “regular” at any places in your town?

Simply, Sum

Weekend Wrap Up! {1}

Happy Monday, friends! 16 year old me would find it hard to believe the words “happy” and “Monday” can go together.

I spent this past weekend soaking up time in the sun with my two favorites, Bowden and Matt.

Matt finished up classes on Thursday and is spending the next week with me before moving back home! It has been so nice having him around, both for Bowden and myself. We have been long distance for THREE YEARS now, so I enjoy every second of time I get to spend by his side.

Friday, we went out to dinner at a new-to-us Mongolian grill in town, Ghengis. I, unfortunately, have been slacking at my picture taking, but I got a concoction of tofu, bell peppers, potatoes, onions and mushrooms and topped it off with Tropical Teriyaki sauce.We then roamed around Best Buy. I left with new clip on earbud headphones!

Saturday, I ran three miles under the starry morning sky, woke up the boy and pup and we headed to St George Island for the day! It’s a small beach on the Florida Panhandle, only about two hours from Tallahassee!


We had a pretty secluded section of the beach all to ourselves! The weather was 81 degrees with not a cloud in sight. I don’t think we could’ve asked for a better day!


This was Bowden’s first real beach trip. I was so excited about his interest in the water! The waves were a total mental block for him though. For the first three hours or so, we spent most of our time running up and down the beach and tossing the ball in the sand.


For lunch, I packed a chickpea and edamame salad, with Trader Joes wasabi seaweed chips on the side. The salad consisted of one can chickpeas, one bag of shelled edamame, juice of one lemon and a dash of lemon garlic seasoning. It was light, but so filling! We also packed boiled peanuts, a TON of fruit, water,  Vitacoco Coconut Water with Pineapple and Kombucha!


I guess by lunch time Bowden realized the only way to cool down was to fully submerge himself in the water, so he braved out the waves and went for a swim! I definitely had a proud mom moment! He was in and out of the water for the rest of the afternoon.


Speaking of being a proud mom, and it being Mothers Day weekend, I’m so lucky to have this little pup as my fur baby, best friend and companion. Many people laugh at how “obsessed” I am with Bowden, but he is more than just a dog. He is the being that cares if I make it home from work on time, needs me to be on my A game at all times and accompanies me through some of the most joyous, and terrifying, events in my life. When B and I look at each other, I am reminded of God’s unconditional love; he sent me Bowden to teach me how to forgive, how to love, how to give to those that will never be able to repay me, how to respect others of different life form just as I do other human beings and to simply, stop and play even when life gets crazy. B makes my heart so full, I’m always proud to be his mama.


Sunday, we were all drained. Matt and I got up, went grocery shopping, then quickly returned to bed to watch Netflix and snuggle.

All in all, this weekend was just amazing!


How was your weekend?

Do you have a fur baby?

What do you prefer, beach days or pool days?


Simply, Sum!