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Change > Regret {Life Lately}

Hi everyone! So much has happened since the last time I posted. Some changes were more expected than others.

Super expected & planned for: I packed up my Tallahassee home and moved into my tiny house on Wednesday! The whole process was very fast paced. Matt and I packed up my third floor apartment and loaded it into a Uhaul all by ourselves. Talk about an intense workout! We drove the four hour route to my new apartment and unpacked all within the same day.image1

Kinda expected: I haven’t wanted to really workout at all since the move. I had to run about a mile and half home from dropping off the Uhaul, but other than that I’ve been more drawn to leisurely walks. My body has been so worn and sore. I’m letting myself rest as much as I need, for now, but I’m also excited to get back into a workout routine.

Kinda expected: Between not wanting to buy groceries before the big move and going to farewell dinners with all of my Tallahassee friends and co-workers, I’ve been eating out more frequently than usual. I’ve wanted to just enjoy my time with the people around me, so I haven’t been beating myself up over it. I’ve been trying to make”wiser” choices while eating out though, still avoiding buttery and fried foods.image3

Not at all expected: My mental and emotional stability have been, well, not stable. I’ve been emotional and really disconnected. Although I knew I’d be emotional moving away from my nieces, this type of emotion has been deep, dark and consuming. After taking some time for myself, I realized that one underlying condition for why I’ve felt so anxious and confused is because of my eating. Telling myself no; telling myself “You can’t have that or this or this”; eating around people and feeling restricted; feeling the urge to eat out rather than cook because cooking isn’t fun anymore.. It’s been hard. Cooking and making healthy eating an enjoyable habit has been a huge part of me for so long, but it has recently turned into a chore. So, I’ve been eating more intuitively. AKA eating turkey sandwiches and wasabi ranch seasoned pea crisps, because telling myself these things are “bad” have made me want them even more. But, this will be a whole separate post, another day.image2

With so much going on, it has been so important for me to focus on myself and what feels right. Rest, fellowship and an at-ease mind have trumped spreading myself too thin, feeling lonely in a group of people and judging myself for not being able to label myself anything other than “human.”

Have you ever experienced a series of big life changes in a short amount of time?

Do you tend to beat yourself up when you get “off track” your normal routine?

Simply, Sum


The presents of presence.

With the advancement of technology comes the comfort of being able to send a sweet text via iMessage, feel connected through Twitter and give prominence to our everyday, ordinary life through Instagram.

Dont get me wrong, social media and technology are wondrous advancements I couldn’t live without. Taking fully online classes, being in a long distance relationship, having a desk job. Technology pretty much runs my life. But through all of that, I’ve been making more of an effort to be present.

To name a few of these time-honored presents I’ve received through this presence, without getting too sappy:

  • Laughter. Matt and I played charades. It was so fun watching each other be silly and genuinely enjoying that moment together.
  • Adventure. We also explored Downtown. There wasn’t much open on a Sunday afternoon, but we now have a list of places to go on a more practical day.


  • Affection. Rather than picking up my phone when I’m bored after work, I’ve been making it a point to really play with Bowden. Tug of war, hide and seek, extra long walks (while wearing layers because well.. its cold). An effect of that extra attention has been SNUGGLES! He’s been so affectionate and seems thankful for my awareness. He has also been extra sleepy!


I’ve had so much on my heart and mind lately, so much that it’s hard to find words that can wrap up these feelings and thoughts. So, this is me keeping it simple.

Simply, Summer.

Life lately while MIA.

Hello… It’s me *Adele’s voice*

Considering I’ve been totally off the blog grid for the past few months, I figured now would be a good time to catch you all up on life’s recent events.

While I was missing in action quite a few big events took place. I ran my first half marathon, finished up my junior year of college, celebrated Christmas, turned 21, added to my collection of kitchen appliances, developed a back injury and devoted more time to cooking.

In November, I raced my first half marathon and finished at 2:03:36. Fast forward to December, the months of running caught up to me with a hearty dose of Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome. It hurts just as bad as “Running is no longer an option” sounded coming from my doctor.

Race- Finish Line

On a brighter note, I celebrated Christmas with my boyfriend and his sweet family. It was loads of fun and so fulfilling watching joy fill their eyes as they opened gifts from me.

Christmas Picture

And to wrap it up, I turned 21! Matt (boyfriend) and I celebrated by drinking around the world at Epcot! I had the most fun snacking around the world though. Lots of fun!

Birthday- Mexico

As before mentioned, I got new kitchen gadgets for Christmas and have been devoting more time to cooking. I plan on posting those recent eats here as they come along!

Thanks for reading, xoxo!